Cleariestown Hall Development Group

The Cleariestown Hall Development Group is very pleased to announce that grants of €130,000 have been secured from Wexford Local Development for internal and external works to our Hall. This amount will need to be topped up by our community to ensure that the Hall can be finished as all building work is not covered by the grants.

Cleariestown Parish Hall Development Group 

Background to the Project:

Some years ago the people of Cleariestown were invited to a meeting in the Hall to gather ideas the needs of our Community. The opinions of young and old were heard and after some false starts and further research the project has been revisited.

Taking on board the ideas about the future of the Hall and its facilities, the project was discussed with an architect who provided drawings of the existing Hall and an extension. This drawing was displayed in the Hall and another open meeting was called in November 2011 to put some information and ideas to the Community and to gather support for a Hall renovation.

At this November meeting, many members of the community addressed the attendees. Volunteers were recruited and the Hall Development Committee came into existence.

There have been many subsequent meetings – jobs were designated, subcommittees formed and ideas discussed. Possible projects have been prioritised and are detailed below. The members of the Development Committee are also listed.

It is extremely important that the committee remains in constant communication with the community at large, and that the wishes of the Community remain at the centre of all the decisions taken. With this in mind, it was decided that there would be regular updates provided on this website and an email address provided where any comments (constructive only please!) or offers of help can be received by the committee. There will also be updates in the local notes in the Wexford People and Wexford Echo.

Members of the Hall Development Committee:

Frank Ronan (Chair), Aidan Kent, Geoff Ryan, Michelle Roche, Anne Scallan, Jason Ryan, Yvonne Byrne, Linda Finn, Veronica Breen, Claire Walsh, Colette Kennedy, Martin Goff, Finola Walsh, John Harpur,John Joe Rochford, Bernadette Leahy

Possible Projects:

At the open meeting it was very evident that there is no appetite to put the Community into debt by building/renovating the Hall. This has been kept very much in mind when discussing all future projects. However, there is a certain amount of money at our disposal and our grants and funding expert Yvonne Byrne is advising us on what grant applications we can make.

  • The future of the playschool was discussed with the possibility of a new build or renovation of current building.
  • The possibility of applying for a playground – in the style of the playground in Kilmore.
  • Various upgrades to current facilities:
    • The tennis courts
    • The kitchen
    • The floor and ceiling in the main hall, improvements to heating and installation of insulation.
    • Converting of the playschool into a meeting room

The Future of the Project

It was also agreed that no plan could proceed without the agreement of the Community and that this would necessitate further open meetings and further discussion and feedback.

To offer feedback and ideas please feel free to contact any member of the committee or to email us at the following email address: