Cleariestown Rathangan Built Heritage Group

Welcome to Cleariestown Rathangan Built Heritage Group page.The parish of Rathangan and its surrounding areas are steeped in historical features and significant landmarks.

Many of these give us an insight into our past. It is important that we respect and preserve our local built heritage for future generations.

The responsiblity to restore maintain and preserve our built heritage,history and culture of any community lies with its people.

We are a voluntary group who, through the help of people in our community and other groups, hope to explore the built heritage and culture of the area.

It is out aim with the help of funding and government initiatives to undertake restoration projects.

We welcome all members of our community to restore and maintain the built heritage of our area for generations to come.

We meet regularly to discuss projects of interest. Information about upcoming meetings are posted on this page. New members are always most welcome to attend.

Contact us through our email at our through or facebook page for more information.