Duncormick Area Action Group

St Clomaun’s Way

Since our river walk has been opened to the public, it has received great reviews although the work is still ongoing. It is a wonderful example of “nature at its best”.  Please come and visit sometime!

There are a number of people to thank for their generosity and assistance, without which the project could not have been undertaken.

Wexford Local Development for funding and invaluable advice from Eileen Dake.

Helen Doyle and Eoin O’Gorman (Sols) for their voluntary legal assistance.

John Sinnott and Walter Cullen, Duncormick for jointly donating  the land for the project.

The Community Employment workers for 2014, Ger Ffrench and Gerry Mernagh for their enthusiasm and dedication to the village and St Clomauns Way.

All others who volunteered their spare time and expertise.

Thanks to all

Tidy Towns Competition

In 2011 we entered the Tidy Towns Competition for the first time.  We found this to be a very positive move.  We gained a mark of 254 out of a possible 400.  In 2012 we improved our marks by 13 to gain 267 out of 400.  Because of the big improvement in marks, we received an Endeavour Award of €500, which was wisely spent.

With regard to litter and waste minimisation, which is one of the categories in the Tidy Towns Competition that we can improve in, a lot can be learned by every one of us by logging onto www.greenhome.ie  This site gives us some simple everyday ideas that can be applied by all of us.  The aim of the GreenHome Programme is to raise environmental awareness and support positive and sustainable environmental actions amongst householders and community groups. Getting involved in GreenHome could save you money and might even be fun!!

Top Tips

Simple things that you can do at home are:

  • Waste: We throw out up to one third of the food we buy, you could save up to €1000 per year
  • Energy: 9% of our yearly electricity bill is made up of items on standby mode
  • Water: A tap leaking 30 drops per hour can add up to nearly 5000 litres of water in one year
  • Transport: You can save up to 4% of your yearly petrol costs by ensuring the correct tyre pressure

For The Future

We hope to continue to maintain our village and keep it looking well.  We have some new exciting plans for the future.  We would openly welcome any new members and any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. To contact us regarding any comments that you may have, log on to rathanganhall.com and click on the “Contact” link on the menu, any message will be passed onto our committee.

Our History

In September 2003 a small group of concerned local people got together to discuss the general state of Duncormick village.  For years nothing had been done to enhance the physical look, either by locals or the Wexford County Council.  We agreed that it would be a lovely idea to try and restore the village to what it was 20 or 30 years ago.  Having initially met with a Wexford Co Councillor, we were advised to give ourselves a name in order to make an application for assistance to Wexford Co Council and others.  (Hence the name)

Work Done To Date

During the summer of 2004, we had got ourselves together and organised major clean ups by the locals in the village. (Every Thursday evening from 7pm until late).  Ditches were tidied, flowers were sown, rubbish was collected – Duncormick was looking up!

During the following 2/3 years, Wexford Co Council came on board and necessary drainage work was completed, the road was resurfaced, there was a new stone wall built opposite the Post Office.  Footpaths were built and our new street lights were erected, a Big Thank You to them for all that work!

In addition to this we have had some landscaping done in strategic areas, notably at Duncormick cross and also at the top of the hill, where after a few years the plants are looking great.  We are constantly sowing trees and renewing shrubs.

We have developed the site of the old “weighbridge”.  This area was used in past times to weigh farm animals before they were sold. (Original weighing scales on view). The site was donated to the village by the Weighbridge Committee.  It would have been a vibrant business at one time.

……………………………….The old Weighbridge site during construction and as it stands today


We hold regular committee meetings. (First Thursday of every month during summer and every two months during the winter in Sinnotts Pub).  We hold a “Spring Clean” during April which is aided by Wexford Co Council.  During the summer months we undertake a work night each week and tackle whatever needs to be done, be it from sweeping the streets to painting sign posts. (Weather permitting)

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge generous sponsorship and financial aid from the local community and beyond.

We would also like to thank the local residents who have come out on our “Clean Up” evenings to help, without whom the job would be a lot harder.

We organise fundraising events throughout the year, notably our Table Quiz nights which we hold three of four times a year in Sinnotts Pub.  These nights are always well supported by the community.  We also enjoy our Christmas Tree Lighting and Social Night which takes place usually the first/second Saturday night in December – All in the community are welcome to join in the festivities!

……………………………………….. Before and After shot of Duncormick Cross

A Residents Comment

“This venture over the years has made our village a friendly and happy place to live”