St Anne’s NS

St Anne’s NS is a Catholic School under the patronage of the Bishop of Ferns. In St Anne’s National School this year (2021/22) there are 240 pupils. There are 10 class teachers and 3  full time and two part time resource/learning support teachers or SET. There are four Special Needs Assistants working in the school.




St. Anne’s National School, Rathangan
The Department of Education proposed the amalgamation of small rural schools. in the mid to late 1960s.
In the Parish of Rathangan at that time there were four small rural schools –
Baldwinstown N.S. and Duncormick N.S., both three teacher schools;
Kilmannon  N.S. and Cleariestown N.S., both two teacher schools.
Following meetings with parents, school management and Department of Education officials it was decided to build a new central school in Rathangan adjacent to the Church on a site kindly provided by the parish.

The school opened on July 1st 1971 only to find there were nine teachers and six classrooms. An extension was required immediately. When this was completed each teacher had a single class and the principal was an administrative principal.
255 pupils were thrilled with their new surroundings. There was electricity, running water and a hard core play area. Those who lived outside a one mile radius of the school enjoyed free bus transport to school, which meant no more walking to school in all kinds of weather. One of the major advantages of the amalgamation was that children from all corners of the parish got to know each other.