Parish Journal (€8)

Rathangan – A Parish and its People was Rathangan’s first offical parish journal in over 33 years. It was edited by local resident George Bellamy who was a newspaper editor who moved to Rathangan from the U.K. many years ago.

‘Rathangan – A Parish and its People’ was launched in 2012 by the balladeer Paddy Berry.

All of the articles in the Rathangan Parish Journal were written by local people and includes stories of local known characters who were important in historical or sporting circumstances.

For anyone from Rathangan or for anyone simply wishing to know more about the area the parish journal is definitely a must have as it is full of interesting stories and facts about the past and present of our community.

For those who missed out on getting a copy the first time around there are still a limited number of copies of ‘Rathangan – A Parish and its People is currently on sale in Rathangan Hall.

With Christmas coming up this would make an excellent stocking filler! To inquire about getting a copy please call into the hall or get in touch with us through our contact form.

The Parish Journal can also make a great gift for those abroad and who may be yearning for a taste of home. Postage costs to other countries are included below for your reference.

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